It has the following performances

  • Reduction of rutting depth and permanent deformations at high temperatures
  • Better adhesion of asphalt binder to aggregate
  • Increasing fatigue lifecycle of asphalt mixture
  • Improving the elastic recovery property of asphalt binder
  • Increasing the resilient modulus

POLASPHA 1025 is a thermoplastic elastomer product. By altering the polymer’s surface energy through a reactive process, it enhances and increases the adhesion between asphalt binder, polymer, and aggregate materials.

Application based on project type

Construction and rehabilitation in Highway and Freeway projects

Construction and rehabilitation projects of urban arterial roads with high traffic

Projects in Temperate and tropical climate

Application based on challenges and objectives

Asphalt pavement with the Rutting damage

Asphalt pavement with the Fatigue cracking


Easy to mix with bitumen

Ability to mix directly in the asphalt mixer

No need to change factory equipment and logistics

Flexible and customized packaging based on the conditions of the asphalt plant

Easy to store


The fourth loop of Rezvan Boulevard, Isfahan municipality, 2018

6, 8 and 11 Sections of Isfahan-Natanz highway, Sanara Company, 2019-2020

Shahid Soleimani Intersection, Isfahan Municipality, 2019

Ayatollah Kashani Avenue, Jahrom municipality, 2020

Amirkabir third Street, Isfahan municipality, 2022

Sirjan-Bandarabbas, Iran Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization of Hormozgan Province, Farapooyan Ofogh Navasan Company, 2023

Najafabad-jozdan, Isfahan municipality, 2023

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