We provide specific, economic and technological solutions for the projects of the road, construction and energy industries in Iran and the world, according to their needs in the application areas. We provide the best application of the product to the customers by providing consultation and training services by experienced specialists, specialists and consultants. Post-sales services in the form of consulting and training prove the special position of Fardangar company in taking advantage of 10 years of scientific, practical experience and moving in the frontiers of knowledge in the polymer and construction industries.Our products are produced in the interdisciplinary research and development unit of the production company and are provided to the customer after passing various tests. Optimum use of oil resources, preservation of natural resources and preservation of the environment are our social values.

Our Story

  • Establishment of Aria Polymerpishgam Company
    The field of polymer activity
  • Establishment of Pezhvak Company, Iranian Plan
    The field of road, transportation and traffic activity, construction
  • Aria Polymerpishgam Company
    Getting the second place and receiving a gold medal
    The 4th Sheikh Bahai National Technological Festival in the Business Designers section
  • Pezhvak tarh iranian
    Obtaining the license of the technology unit in the field of new technologies in construction structures and infrastructures from Isfahan Scientific and Research Town
  • Aria Polymerpishgam Company
    Winning the title of the best technologist in the 10th festival and exhibition of research and technology achievements of Isfahan province
  • Aria Polymerpishgam Company
    Obtaining the title of exemplary technical and engineering unit of Isfahan province in the 12th national conference of Engineer's Day from the Organization of Industry, Mining and Trade
  • Pezhvak tarh iranian
    Obtaining a knowledge-based license
  • Pezhvak tarh iranian
    Obtaining the second rank in the evaluation of technology units of Isfahan Scientific and Research Town
  • Aria Polymerpishgam Company
    Chosen of the nano technology festival by the special headquarters for the development of nano technology
  • Aria Polymerpishgam Company
    Winner of the Gold Award of Science and Technology Parks of Asia
    Award ASPA
  • Memorandum of cooperation between Pezhvak tarh Company and Aria Polymer Pishgam to conduct joint research and development
  • Pezhvak tarh iranian company
    Consultant, designer and supervisor of national projects
  • Pezhvak tarh iranian company
    Obtaining the third place in the assessment of technology units
    Located in the science and technology park of Isfahan province (Sheikh Bahai)
  • Production of the first version of the product resulting from the cooperation agreement between Pajhwok Design Iranian Company and Aria Polymer Pishgam
  • Establishment of Bitapolymer Fardangar Company
  • Cooperation in the implementation of
    more than 25 polymer asphalt projects throughout the country
From 2019 till now