Managing the financing

Lack of up-to-date facilities and equipment, skilled manpower and non-productive processes cause projects to be delayed as well as financial losses. Providing training, consulting and economic and technological solutions and technologies can help to provide cheap equipment, improve processes and develop human skills.

One of the most serious problems of private and public sector employers is the lack of funds and low liquidity. For example, in the road industry of Iran, while the annual budget required for the maintenance and repair of roads is about 200 thousand billion tomans, the government is only able to provide 10% of it, which results in faster wear and tear of the roads and their difficulty. It has been compensated in the coming years. Or in construction and road construction projects, due to the lack of budget, the execution operation is delayed or stopped. The use of new techniques, products and solutions is one of the tools of the day in the world to reduce and manage the cost of projects and, as a result, manage project time

Example and service product


Cost reduction asphalt Implementation to 20%.



Cost reduction of of insulation, not needing to work isogam and eliminating the cost of wages.


Designing, consulting and monitoring services for road and highway paving

Reducing the total cost of road construction projects due to technological plans and solutions.

See Consulting for launching and improving production lines

Comprehensive pavement design services for urban and suburban roads

Reducing the cost of road maintenance and repair as a result of engineering evaluation and receiving technology-based comprehensive plans.

See Design, consulting and supervision