Research and Development

Fardangar Company, relying on its knowledge and experience in the field of road and utilizing professors and professors in collaboration with industries, focuses on the services of improved, development and creation of new products. The collection of new technologies and technologies, along with employer knowledge on technical issues and product markets, provides the basis for upgrading the current products as well as the development of new products or markets. The details of these 

The details of these services are

  • Cooperation in identifying risks and opportunities for customer processes
  • Technology modeling and product production methods and customer service
  • Production of modern knowledge to develop products and optimize processes
  • Supervision of improvement designs
  • Identifying the current and future needs of customers and planning to meet them
  • Participation in the currents of knowledge and learning
  • Research to improve product quality and reduce production costs
  • Providing and setting the necessary standards for scientific specifications, skills and capabilities of customer research and development personnel personnel
  • Research on the causes of product quality problems and provide solutions
  • Identify the equipment and machinery needed to improve or develop the product
  • Developing development plans

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